Susana Matos and No hay Sistema

Susana Matos and No hay Sistema, a 2017 RoxCine official selection.

In collaboration with Puerto Rico’s Rincon International Film Festival, RoxCine presented a special program of Puerto Rican short films. All proceeds went to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, via donation to Alianza Somos Una Voz / We Are One Voice.

Two Susana Matos short films were selected for the lineup.

No hay Sistema, a 7 min. comedy short film written and directed by Susana Matos Allongo. Winner of Best Comedy, Audience’s Choice, Spirit of Puerto Rico at the Rincon International Film Festival. Produced by: Javier Colon Rios

And Por Feo, a 7 min comedy about the ugliest brother in the family who at last finds someone to confront for his perceived ugliness.

Other shorts from the benefit were as follows.

Volcados – 8 min. (Animation) by Paola Melendez Roca
“A Puerto Rican animation about a Chupacabra’s relentless attempts at making a friend.
Teorias de la Cigüeña – 13 min. (Drama) by Javier Enrique Perez

Luna Vieja – 11 min. (Drama – TIFF) by Raisa Bonnet
Miedo a las Aturas – 4 min. (Comedy) by H.J. Leonard
Así de grandes son las ideas – 5 min. (Animation) by José Enrique Rivera
La Carta – 7 min. (Drama) by Angel Soto
Chula – 17 min. (Action Adventure) by Victoria E. Soberal

A Co-Presentation by Cine+ Mas SF Latino Film Festival and RoxCine at the Roxie in SF.