Pan’s Labyrinth, the musical!?!

The news is out that Guillermo Del Toro is bringing it to the stage and adapting it as an English language musical.  Writer Jeremy Ungar, Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolla (Babel, Brokeback Mountain) and lyricist Paul Williams (The Muppets, The Love Boat) make up Del Toro’s team. Drama, fantasy, and fascism on stage- I can see it now.

Back in 2006, Pan’s Labyrinth was universally acclaimed for its originality and went on to win Oscar’s in art direction, make-up, and cinematography- and nominated in three other categories including Best Foreign Language film. It also received honors from film organizations around the world including Ariel Awards (Mexico), BAFTA Awards (England), Goya Awards (Spain), among others.