Meet the filmmakers at SFLFF

Come get to know our visiting filmmakers at their Q&As, our opening night party and other functions. We’re adding more daily! Follow on Twitter for additions.

1.    Director Maru Buendía-Senties, Windows Q&A 9/17 7PM and opening night party.

2.    Reed Rickert, The Third Root, Q&A 9/17 5PM Opera Plaza Cinema and opening night party.

3.    Director Daniel Chávez Ontiveros, The Swan Kick Off Sept 7 – KPIX / CBS Studio Sept 7 5:30pm-8pm, opening night party and screening of film for Q&A (check schedule

4.    Director Agustin Contrera, Ruta Madre (Going South) Opening night film Q&A and opening night party.

5.    Director Arlan Parsa, The Way to Andina  Q&A Opera Plaza Cinema 9/16 1PM and opening night party.

Charlie Sheen in PLATOON

Our movie of the week is PLATOON in honor of Charlie Sheen winning.

In 1986, Sheen was making movies. He played Chris Taylor, a college drop out deployed to Vietnam.

The film, written and directed by Oliver Stone, won an Academy Award for best picture and is considered one of the top six war movies of all time.

Here’s the trailer.

In related news, amidst controversial bad mouthing of “Two and Half Men” producers, Sheen joined Twitter.

The Guinness World Records says he has the “fastest Twitter to reach 1 Million followers”. Click here to read what all the hype is about.