About Us

Our Mission

Cine+Más SF contributes to the Bay Area’s active and diverse arts scene through the Latino Film Festival, year-round programming and special events centered on Latino arts- including the visual, performance, and literary arts.

The Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival showcases the work of emerging and established filmmakers from the US, Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It is a celebration of the latest work coming out of the 20+ countries with which we share a bond.


2017 Organizing  & Advisory Committee

Virginia Chavez -Rocio Salazar- Juliana Mojica-YoAnn Martinez-Noris Chavarria-Robertinho Regalado- Gladys Rocha – Michelle Gutierrez

2009 Organizing  & Advisory Committee

Eric Avila Thomas – Virginia Chavez – Gladys Rocha – Michelle Gutierrez – Mahvand Sadeghi- David Gutierez- Damian Diaz-  Jesus Contreras

Cine+Mas SF is a non-profit sponsored project  under Fractured Atlas. CLICK HERE to  make a tax-deductible donation.

t: +1.415-754-9580 / email: info (at) sflatinofilmfestival.com