Director Patricia Ramos and El Techo

Director Patricia Ramos and El Techo, a 2017 official selection.

International, Narrative / Cuba, Nicaragua / 2016 / Drama, Society, Women In Film, Youth / 75 mins / Spanish with English subtitles / Color / BD / West Coast Premiere Premiere


Patricia Ramos shows us what it’s like to dream from the rooftops in Cuba.

Three young friends, Yasmani, Vito and Anita, gather on a roof in Havana every day in the midst of boredom decide to set up their own business in this heart-warming drama. The cost of this dream, ultimately, will lead them to personal maturity and certain happiness.


En el centro de La Habana, sobre una azotea, tres jóvenes amigos -Yasmani, Vito y Anita, se reúnen día a día para contarse historias y sueños, tratando de que el tiempo pase sin notarse. En medio del aburrimiento, sin apenas recursos y soñando con la prosperidad, deciden armar un negocio propio. El precio de este sueño los conducirá finalmente a la madurez personal, no exenta de cierta felicidad.

Director’s Bio

Patricia Ramos has a Bachelor in Spanish Studies from the Havana University and a Bachelor in Screenwriting from the International School of Cinema and TV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV). She has facilitated scriptwriting workshop in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica and Venezuela. In 2009 she directed the documentary Ampáramefrom the TV series History of Cuban Music. She has directed two short films, The Courtyard of my Home (2007) and Nana (2004).


Director Maru Buendia-Senties and Windows

Director Maru Buendia-Senties and 2017 official selection Windows.


When artificial comes into our lives, does it make our experiences better or are we living in a bubble of self constructed realities? In Windows two isolated women bond by sharing their lives from a distance through their apartment windows. They are blocks apart, but despite their efforts, will never meet. Two women. Two windows. Two realities.

Director’s Bio

Award winning Mexican writer/director, Maru Buendia-Senties, graduated with an MFA from UT-Austin in Film Production. She worked for three years in the Visual Effects Department for Director Robert Rodriguez at Troublemaker Studios and currently works at Mirada Studios.

Over the years, Maru, has premiered five award-winning films, directed Mexican Ariel winning actors, received the Visionary Award by the Sor Juana Festival: A tribute to Mexican Women and the Cary Grant Film Award by The Princess Grace Foundation. Her latest sci-fi short, Windows, has been chosen as one of four projects of NALIP: Latino Lens Narrative Short Incubator program 2016. She was also been honored to attend this year’s Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Artist Academy.

Living on the Mexican/American border exposed Maru to two different cultures that created a desire to share that unique perspective through her storytelling. As a female Mexican filmmaker, Maru sees a great opportunity in utilizing genre films to explore our deepest fears, push boundaries and challenge the audience by approaching universal themes like identity, belonging, and solitude.


Windows Credits

Writers: Maru Buendia-Senties, Glenn Eanes
Producer: Michele K. Borheim
Cast: Gabriela Ostos, Krista Vendy, Rich Paul


Director Libia Stella Gomez and Ella

Born: 1974, Socorro, Colombia

2016 official selection ELLA from Colombia/2015/Drama/ 104 minutes/Subtitled

When Georgina dies, her husband Alcides tries to give her a dignified funeral, which is quite difficult, because they have no money and are living in the poorest district of Bogotá.

Gomez delivers a cinematically gorgeous inside look at the struggle her protagonists face.

Susana Matos and No hay Sistema

Susana Matos and No hay Sistema, a 2017 RoxCine official selection.

In collaboration with Puerto Rico’s Rincon International Film Festival, RoxCine presented a special program of Puerto Rican short films. All proceeds went to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, via donation to Alianza Somos Una Voz / We Are One Voice.

Two Susana Matos short films were selected for the lineup.

No hay Sistema, a 7 min. comedy short film written and directed by Susana Matos Allongo. Winner of Best Comedy, Audience’s Choice, Spirit of Puerto Rico at the Rincon International Film Festival. Produced by: Javier Colon Rios

And Por Feo, a 7 min comedy about the ugliest brother in the family who at last finds someone to confront for his perceived ugliness.

Other shorts from the benefit were as follows.

Volcados – 8 min. (Animation) by Paola Melendez Roca
“A Puerto Rican animation about a Chupacabra’s relentless attempts at making a friend.
Teorias de la Cigüeña – 13 min. (Drama) by Javier Enrique Perez

Luna Vieja – 11 min. (Drama – TIFF) by Raisa Bonnet
Miedo a las Aturas – 4 min. (Comedy) by H.J. Leonard
Así de grandes son las ideas – 5 min. (Animation) by José Enrique Rivera
La Carta – 7 min. (Drama) by Angel Soto
Chula – 17 min. (Action Adventure) by Victoria E. Soberal

A Co-Presentation by Cine+ Mas SF Latino Film Festival and RoxCine at the Roxie in SF.