Schedule & Tickets


It’s taken us a while but here it is. You can download the schedule here with all the film notes and screening details. 2011 Festival Schedule

September 14 Hispanic Heritage Month & San Francisco Latino Film Festival Kick-Off Celebration



September 16, 2011 7PM Opening Night at Landmark’s Embarcadero Center Cinema

Opening Night Film- BEING: CAFÉ TACVBA 2010 Mexico 80 minutes

After-Party at Supperclub. Hosted by LAM Social Club.

September 16 7:15PM Free screening at De Young Museum, Friday Nights at the De Young. San Francisco. Screening Mistura: The Power of Food

September 17-18 1PM-10PM Screenings Landmark’s Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco.

September 19 7PM Free screening at MACLA in San Jose. Co-Presented with KQED

September 19 7PM Screening at MACLA in San Jose

September 20 7PM Free screening at Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley

September 20-21 12:30PM Free screenings at College of Marin.

September 21 7PM Screening and reception at IcTus Gallery in SF

September 22-23 7PM Screening at Mission Cultural Center in SF

September 24 3PM-10PM Screenings at Mission Cultural Center in SF

September 25 2PM Final screening at the Brava Theater in SF

September 25 4PM Closing party meet-up at El Rio in SF


Tickets on Sale Now


You can see the films and notes at that link. Some of the films were just uploaded and will be live later today.  Catch the premiere of MLK Jr. Way by Eliseo Cabrera and Kara Cohen. Filmed in Oakland! The story is about two young Mexican-American guys who lose their jobs (partly from laziness partly from the recession), and their home (due to the rocky climate

Film still: MLK JR WAY

in West Oakland). They decide to pursue a casully mentioned plan suggested by their friend to find girlfriends and subsequently live with them, in order to find a free place to live.



Sneak Peak of Titles- 2011 Official Selection

We’re excited to announce a partial list of films selected for this year’s festival:

Feature Length

Capsulas by Veronica Riedel-2011  Guatemala

The Chileans’ Building by Macarena Aguilo- 2010 Chile

Film still of "Following the Stars" / "Siguiendo Las Estrellas"

Following the Stars by Iris Dirse – 2011 Ecuador/Panama

Hell by Luis Estrada- 2010 Mexico

Santiago byFelix Martiz- 2011 USA

Seguir Siendo: Café Tacuva by Ernesto Contreras and Jose Manuel Cravioto- 2010 Mexico

Soulbound by Caio Sóh- 2011 Brazil


La Bicicleta Vieja by Claudia A. Escobar- 2011 USA

Defender by Aitor Miguel- 2011 Colombia/Spain

Mistura: The Power of Food by Patricia Perez- 2011 Peru

Image from film- Photo of Angie

Film still: Photo of Angie

Photos of Angie by Alan Dominguez- 2011 USA

Three Drop of Water by Jose Alfaro & Marco Castro-Bojorquez -2011 USA